About us

When we decided to set up our operations 25 years ago, we had a list of principles that we all stood by, as co-founders…

They did not change a bit. It was and still is a distinct desire to deliver complex, 360° investment consulting services, that would of fill any gap in any business’ daily, monthly and yearly financial operations…

With the help of our investment advisors hundreds of small, medium and big companies were able to achieve results, such as:

1) Steady year-by-year growth

2) Spring back from a recession or market value drop

3) Ill-conceived IPO turned into a golden share IPO

4) Investments risks eliminated, billions of dollars spent more efficiently

… and so much more!

With that in mind, we continue to implement our expertise to help hundreds of companies more!

Our values


We are sincere, trustworthy and reliable


We are committed to creating exceptional experiences that delight our employees and customers


Were highly creative and always striving to connect new ideas with business realities


Were highly creative and always striving to connect new ideas with business realities

Meet the Team

Lily Granger

Lily Granger

While Lily works here only 10 years, her efficiency allowed us to name her a Senior manager of our biggest portfolios…

Diane Mist

Diane Mist

Before joining our experts’ vast team, Diane was the Behavioral Finance Specialist at Warclays Americas and London teams in 2007.

Timothy Dumbledore

Timothy Dumbledore

What Timothy does to company is what our clients call “fiscal magic”. He is an accomplished pro regarding any investing gamble…


Average y-b-y growth our clients businesses show


Average assets growth thanks to our services


Number of our returning clients

Do you have an MBA or similar-grade degree in Economics, Finances, Accounting, Business Management, Corporate Management or Investments? Then we need You!



Q: Can I use the money from my Individual Retirement Account (IRA) for investing?

A:  If you have previously set up a “self-directed” individual retirement account (IRA), then you will be able to store alternative assets within your tax-deferred plan, including private placements in venture capital. As with any IRA investment, a self-directed account has built-in, tax-deferred growth– meaning that you would not pay capital gains taxes on the growth of an investment until you are of retirement age and begin to withdraw the funds, presumably at a lower effective tax rate.

Q: Who qualifies as an accredited investor?

A: For individual investors, the SEC tells that an accredited investor is a natural person (as opposed to an organizational entity that may be considered a “legal person”): (1) who owns an individual net worth, or joint net worth with the person’s spouse, that is more than $1 million at the time of investment, excluding the value of the primary residence of such person; OR (2) whose income is more than $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or whose joint income (a spouse included) exceeds $300,000 for those years and has a reasonable expectation of the same income level in the current year.

Q: Who qualifies as an accredited investor for countries other than the US?

A:  If your primary residence for tax purposes is anywhere but the US, your country determines the minimum income or asset requirement that allows you to participate in venture capital investments. The sign-up process for our investment options is, therefore, country-specific; you check off the requirements that are satisfied and, when necessary, specify the reason that you meet each requirement.

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